Life Hack - Always Have a Knife/fork/spoon!




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Hey everyone!

This is possibly my favorite life hack that I thought I might as well share with you all.

If you're like me and live in a house with lots of siblings, you might sometimes go to your cutlery draw in the morning and there is no spoon!

Well I have a solution.

Instead of going to the dishwasher and taking one from there (eew), then wash it you should try this.

Next time the cutlery draw is full remove one knife, fork and spoon.

Then pull back the holder and you should see a small gap between that and the back of the draw. (You can see where this is in the picture I have included)

Place your knife/fork/spoon(S) in there.

Now next time you don't have any available cutlery, you can just use them!

I hope you enjoy!



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    3 years ago

    You're a genius bro.