Life-sized Lego Sword

Introduction: Life-sized Lego Sword

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I made this Lego sword a while back for my Halloween costume. I looked around Instructables and I didn't see any swords made out of Lego, so i figured I would show you guys my most honorable creation.
Answers to Make-to-Learn contest:
This is a Lego sword made for Halloween.

I made it by fitting together Lego pieces. I originally duct-taped the pieces together, but a few months later i decided to super-glue them instead.

I made the sword in my bedroom on my own, and i am very proud of it.

From this creation, I learned that i wasn't half bad at making stuff with Lego, and that when I put my mind to it, I really can make whatever i want.The most challenging part was actually building the sword, but once i got started, it became easier.  

Please leave comments if you have any questions (but i can't post due to the fact that it is super-glued), and please rate and subscribe. Thank you for viewing my Instructable.  

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7 years ago on Introduction

that is actually pretty good. i once made a lego sword, but i didn't super glue it.