Lifesavers Prank

Introduction: Lifesavers Prank

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Hey All,

Got another good one for you!

This prank is to play on a cashier, somewhere, where they sell Lifesavers candy rolls.

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Now, onto the instructable....

Step 1:

What is needed for the prank.
  1. One roll of Lifesavers
  2. Exacto knife with a new blade
  3. Roll of tape or glue (glue works best)
  4. Hundred dollar bill (any denomination will work, but a hundred gets the best reaction)

Step 2:

On one end of the roll of Lifesavers, your going to need to cut a flap.
See the picture, above.
You want to do it, as clean as possible.

Step 3:

Then, your going to roll your bill as tiny as possible.
Then stick it in the end of the Lifesaver roll.
Push it in, as far as it will go.
You may have to use something to push it in. (toothpick, tiny screwdriver, or whatever)

Step 4:

Once the bill is pushed all the way in.

Your going to tape or glue back, the flap.
You objective is to get it as clean as possible.
Like, nothing was done to the Lifesaver roll.

I recommend using the glue as when it dries, you cannot even tell it was open.
But, the last Lifesaver is no good as it was smeared with the glue.

You may want to mark your roll or, as I did.
I just used the foil part as the marking.
As, the end with more foil sticking out is the factory end. (remember that)

Step 5:

Ok, now the fun part....

Put the loaded roll in your front pocket.
Find a store that sells Lifesaver Rolls.

Grab a roll of Lifesavers and walk up to the cashier and start a conversation about how Lifesavers
used to have a contest. (Do this while purchasing your roll of Lifesavers)
Tell the cashier: "They would put dollar bills into the rolls of Lifesavers. Some, ones, fives, tens, and very few hundred dollar bills"

Explain that you have been buying Lifesavers all your life and have never came across a winner.
(while telling your story, switch out the roll of Lifesaver with the loaded one in your pocket)
Make up a good story!
Then after your purchase and story telling, open the roll of Lifesavers in front of the cashier.
Make sure and open the end with no glue or tape! (the factory end)
Tell them "Let's see if I have a winner"

Low and behold, yours will have the hundred dollar bill inside.
Pull the bill out and unroll it, in front of the cashier.
Smile and hand the cashier a Lifesaver, and walk away!
Get's em everytime!!

Hope you enjoyed my instructable!

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    3 years ago

    Have you ever actually done that?!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Actually, yes I have! Peoples jaw drop, too! to funny!
    Try it sometime!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love to trick my Grandchildren. As they get older it's getting harder to surprise them,(and to find the right birthday, Christmas, etc.. presents for them.) This idea could solve both of those problems for me. Thanks.