Lifesize ‘Lego Star Wars’ First Order Hat

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In this project I will be crafting a large Lego Star Wars first order hat that will fit onto the Lego storage head ,this is for a project with’ the Brick box ‘ in knottingley and their challenge room called “The brick zone” and I definitely recommend it to anyone.
I hope you enjoy the series of updates on making this fun prop :)

Step 1: Cling Film to Prepare

First off ,I used cling film as a way to remove the papier-mâché from the head .i layed the film onto the head and made sure it was very tight and had no bubbles ,this took quite a while as I had to make sure there were no rips .

Step 2: Papier-mâché to Create the Base

I then started adding my first layer of papier-mâché onto the filming as a base to sculpt on top of and so the hat will fit. straight onto the head (so it can be taken on and off and is not permenant ,but at this point not worrying if there are air bubbles as that means that the mâché wouldn’t be sealed tight onto the head ,I kept adding layer after layer on until no light was clearly visible through it ,then I left it to dry for 24-48 hours



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