Lifetime BBQ Grill Brush




This is a great BBQ Grill Brush that costs about $20 in materials and can be made in about a half hour. The thing is pretty much indestructible and extremely customizable! It's easy to make, requires almost no accuracy, and the head/brush can be replaced if it wears out. Perfect gift idea!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

-cup brush
-bolt that fits cup brush (m10x1.25 in this case)
-lock washer
-metal flat stock (1/8" x 1.25" in this case)

-13/32" drill bit
-clamps (some type of clamping method)
-angle grinder/cutoff wheel (some type of metal cutting method)
-center punch (to make a dent to guide the drill bit)
-measuring tape
-pen (some method of marking)
-wrenches to tighten the cupbrush and bolt. (In this case we used a 7/8" and a 17mm)

Safety gear:
-eye protection
-hearing protection (if using angle grinder etc.)

Step 2: Mark Everything

Layout the metal flatstock, measure from one end and make a mark at each of the following measurements: 2", 3", 4", 6", 18".

Now go to the 3" mark and measure across the width of the flatstock and mark the center. Since our flatstock here is 1.25" wide, we marked it at 5/8".

You can also mark out the ends now....

On the end you pulled measurements from, design a notch (or multiple notches etc.) to be the grill scraper. For this example we just traced the cap of the marking pen we used. Use your creativity to think up shape you feel is best for the purpose.

On the other end of the flatstock (what will be the end of the handle) mark out a shape or don't, its completely up to you how creative you want to get...

Step 3: Drill the Hole

Drill a hole at that 3" & 5/8" mark you made.

Always be safe and clamp your piece well. We made this example on my tailgate so we used two clamps. A shop vise also works great. Don't forget to put those safety glasses on!

Recommended: Before drilling use a centerpunch or any pointed hard metal object to create an indent on the mark to keep your drill bit aligned while starting the hole.

Hold the drill tight as it makes it through the flatstock. Drills can grab and jerk hard when they make it through the other side. A drill press works great for this project.

Step 4: Bend at the Marks

In this example we cut our flatstock at the 18" mark first so we could use it to help clamp our workpiece for bending. You can do the same or wait until after making the bends.

Clamp the flatstock just before the 2" mark and bend it upward. How far is up to you. This part will be the little grill scraper end.

Next, clamp it just before the 4" mark and bend upward again.

Now clamp it near the 6" mark and bend it downward. Again, how far is up to you. It's really that easy...

Step 5: Cut

Put safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection etc ON if you use any power tool to cut.

Cut the flatstock at the 18" mark if you didn't already.

Cut out the shape you made on each end.

Step 6: Install Cupbrush

Now it's time to put the bolt through the lockwasher and the hole you drilled in the workpiece. Thread on the cupbrush and use appropriate size wrenches to tighten it.

Step 7: Customize or Enjoy As Is

You're all done as far as function is concerned, but you can always paint, wrap, or modify the handle in any way you see appropriate. Get creative! Drill another hole at the long end and add a hanger loop or something. Make it as custom as you can!

...then go clean that grill.



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    3 Discussions


    2 months ago

    That does look sturdy as all get out! May need one of these for my smoker and grill. :)


    2 months ago on Step 7

    For people choosing to use wire brushes on their bbq, this is an AWESOME idea! Should be noted though that a lot of doctors are recommending people don`t use them. Apparently the number of people ending up with a wire fragment caught in their throat is quite high. Who`da thunk it!