Lifi- Under 1$

LI-FI Audio transmitter
The objective of LI-FI is transfer data through visible light. Since the bandwidth of visible light is 10,000 times more than Radio waves, more data can be transferred through light at short period of time.

Visible light communication (VLC) eliminates the risk of some disease caused by the Radio waves due to long period exposure.

This protocol can be adapted where Radio waves are restricted, such as airplanes, hospitals, and in some research facilities.

Researchers reached bit rate of 224 GB/s which is 100s of times faster than our average WI-FI connection at home or office.

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Step 1: Making the Circuit

But in this instructable … I just did the similar experiment, but my project don’t transfer any internet data but it is able to transfer audio data through Visible Led light. The circuit diagram for this experiment is as shown in the picture with this step

A+ ---→Audio Input + from 3.5mm jack A- ---→Audio Input - from 3.5mm jack

+ ----→power supply + up to 9v - -----→ power supply -

The resistor which I connected in series will be anything between 470 ohm to 1000 ohm.

speaker -8 ohm speaker.

LDR- 10K ohm or you can choose anything as per availability.

Step 2: Checking the Output

Once you done every thing connected as per the circuit, then play the music from your mobile through the 3.5 mm jack (A+ and A-) and put the LDR in opposite to the Led then you can hear a small audio from the speaker, if you want you can replace the speaker with an amplifier+speaker combination, so that you can hear a loud signal.



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