Liger Zero Wing Custom

Introduction: Liger Zero Wing Custom

This is my robotic Lion name "Liger Zero Wing Custom" he is a walking robot with the capability to explore and react to human touch. He can move on any rough terrain no matter how hard or smooth it is. Its main design uses four servo motors which moves the legs and a fifth one to tilt his body just like a hexapod walking robot. As you can see Liger Zero has red eyes which has a bright LED inside to give him a life like look especially when he is moving around dark areas. The neck and head uses servo motors to turn his head left or right and move his head up and down. Also, there is a touch sensor on his head that allows humans to pet him on the top of his head. When he is being petted he will blink his eyes letting you know he likes it.

Liger Zero is controlled by the Arduino UNO and runs off a 6-volt and 9-volt battery. Liger Zero uses a PIng sensor by Parallax to detect objects while exploring.  Also, he can scan areas with the most free space when exploring.  He is about 12 inches in height and 10 inches long. Liger Zero can also accept voice commands from the user to allow him to perform other functions such as roaring, opening and closing his mouth, turning his head left and right or execute a exploration routine.

Liger Zero looks complex but is actually a pretty simple robot to build especially for grades K-12. He is great for first time builders who want to build a robot which walks and acts like an actual lion(Don't worry he doesn't bite and attack). Construction takes about 20 and 10 hours of Arduino programming.

Parts Used:

Aluminum sheet metal x 1 (Large size)
Plexiglass x 2(Used to make the wings)
6-32 screws x 60
6-32 Bolts x 60
6-32 Lock Washers x 30
Standard Servos x 6
Arduino Uno x 1
Aluminum Bars x 2 (Used to make the feet)
6-32 Standoffs x 7
Parallax Ping Sensor x 1(Used as obstacle avoidance sensor)
Styrofoam x1 (Used to make the teeth)
9-Volt Battery x 1
6AA Battery x 4

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