Light Box Ikea Hack



Introduction: Light Box Ikea Hack

Use this One Minute Ikea hack to make a seamless background for taking photos of your small treasures and creations.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

To make this quick and easy light box all you will need are a transparent Ikea Lekman box (or other translucent box) a piece of white drawing paper 14 inches (35 cm) by 28 inches (70 cm) and one binder clip.

Step 2: Prepare Paper

Fold back approximately one inch along one short side of the paper.

Step 3: Prepare Box

Lay the box on the table on one of its smooth sides. Push in the top of the base section to tip it into the box.

Step 4: Insert Paper

Place the paper with the folded end face down and away from the box.

Slip the folded edge of the paper under the front edge if the box and secure it in place with the binder clip.

Slip the other short side of the paper between the roof of the box and the tipped in side. Pull the paper through this slit about two or three inches until the paper has a smoothly graduated curve.paper. Press the back side of the box gently in place to secure the paper.

Step 5: Using Your Light Box

Use this light box with a seamless background to take great photos for posting to Instructables, Etsy or your blog.

Step 6: Finish Up and Put It Away

When you're done for the day take off the clip and the paper and store them in the box to use next time.

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