Light Bulb Planters




Introduction: Light Bulb Planters

This is a way to recycle old light bulbs in an environment friendly way!

Step 1: Materials

Step 1: materials

-light bulbs

-copper wire (any wire can substitute)



-(vase and rocks are optional)

Step 2: Chisel

Step 2:

Chisel the black glass on top of the lightbulb and break into it. Break the light work and glass on the inside. (be careful not to break the actual light bulb)

Step 3: Cleaning the Bulb Out

Step 3:

Make sure you’ve broken the glass completely and wash the lightbulb out with water until the glass turns transparent. (sorry i did not get a photo of this step)

Step 4: Wrapping Wire

Step 4:

Wrap the wire around the metal part of the light bulb and use hot glue or super glue to hold it down.



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    Great design. This would looks excellent as a center piece.