Light Cube




Introduction: Light Cube

Light Cube

When we saw the lamp, we thought it was beautiful. The shapes and colours that were projected on the wall made us think of the northern light. It is a very beautiful lamp but we wanted to make it more personal. The following describes our thinking process and proceedings.

Step 1: the thinking process
We had to decide what we want the box to represent. We have chosen words that fit our personalities, that we use daily, that we want for the future and that we love.

Step 2: making a blueprint
With the program Illustrator CC from Adobe it was possible to create a box and put the words we have chosen on it.

Step 3: collect materials
The materials and equipment you need:
- wood (two planks of 80x30cm)
- laser cutter
- adhesive led light

Step 4: create
Cut the design (blueprint) in the wood with use of the laser cutter.
Stick the led light to one of the sides of the box. Puzzle the box together (with the led light on the inside).

Step 5: optional
It's also possible to use a colored light instead of a colourless led light.
A different way to make the cube more colourful is to stik tinted foil on the inside of the cube.
And enjoy your own made light cube.

Cost; +/- €5
Original creation;
The creative common license; Attribution CC BY

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