Light Cube



Extraordinary light cube is designed on the computer using the Rhinoceros  3D software and then laser cutting the pieces to assemble. A light source has been placed inside to create interesting shadows. The pieces in this project can connect to each other without using any glue (however using glue will bond the pieces stronger and will make it more stable) . This is made possible through using the waffle structure system. Each piece has notches in the places that touches another piece. This object is about 7x7x7 inches.

The scope of the object is to distort the cube at certain moments and expressing this distortion in the waffle grid. This distortion and the expression also reacts to the light I placed inside the cube. The cube contains half a sphere and this sphere wraps around one side of the cube, causing a distortion. I have enclosed the cube with planes on three sides which help keeping
the light inside the sphere, and casting the shadow of the sphere to the ground. Sphere is suspended in the air from four connections, right above the enclosing that hides the battery box.



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