Light Detector Solar Panel With Arduino




Introduction: Light Detector Solar Panel With Arduino

This is a project for those who use solar panels and want to increase the efficiency of them.

This project is a scaled down version of what can be achieved with bigger solar panels.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

Step 2: Attach the Motor to the Stand

Step 3: Place the Sensors on the Corners of the Stand

Step 4: Wiring Up the Arduino

I used 10k ohm resistors.

Arduino code for this project :

Bellow you can find a tutorial on how to control a stepper motor with an Arduino :

Step 5: Starting It Up

When you start it up the arduino will think that it is on the position 0, for this reason always position the solar panel accordingly.

Step 6: Final Thoughts

This idea can increase the efficiency of a solar panel so it is a good idea for those who live in a house



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    14 Discussions

    Hello! Where did you buy each element to make the project? Thanks

    1 reply

    Hi! The aluminium sheet and the plastic piece are from a hardware store. The solar panel and the Arduino with the light sensors are from

    Great project my friend and first time I see a light detector using a servo motor, an upgrade would be for the panel not just to turn to the four corners but in the midpoints also or where is the most light falling.

    Why a stepper motor over a standard servo motor? What is the advantage? (Just curious to hear why you choose one part over another.)

    1 reply

    I used a stepper motor because i wanted it to be able to turn 360° and the only servo i had home could only achieve 180°. Other than that i don't prefer steppers over servos especially because the servos are easier to use. For the stepper I had to calculate how many impulses are needed for a full turn.

    Nah the powers don't let me put it up -how silly

    Hello, where can I buy a small panel similar to that? Thanks.

    2 replies


    I think you can find them on Ebay, Aliexpress and I am prietty shure in many more places, they are quite cheap


    Its better if you add it on here though

    1 reply

    Okey, I will keep in mind that

    I would like to participate but residents of my country are banned from entering (for some unknown reason)