Light Fantastic, Multimedia Sculpture

Introduction: Light Fantastic, Multimedia Sculpture

About: I am artist. Ceramics, Paintings.. drawings.. I live in Finland, around polar circle and do my art where and when ever I can. Clay is my favourite material, but sadly it also takes most of room and demands...

This story began a long time a go, back when I was still in ceramic's school. I made this ceramic tree there.. redclay treelike thing that didn't survive the final burn but something told me there and then that this ain't over.

it took about a year for me to continue this project, when I saw this old, log?.. something inside it called me and so I took first chainsaw and finished with normal wood carving tools.

I had the idea already to how and what I wanted, so I burned the half of the wood asked specialist to weld me some big nails to old gearwheel and then we weld an metal pipe middle of it.

Now it was almost ready.. but I still had to get some light in it. and believe it or not.. that was the hardest part. :)

now it's there.. looking cool .

Clay is my favorite material but time to time I like to work with others too.

In this piece I've joined wood, metal, clay and electricity together.

It turned out quite nicely and now my mom has one practical art piece of mine.

Enjoy! if you like. Support me!


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    4 years ago

    it's nice I just wish you would have gave more information about about your your piece.

    Art Jani Kuha
    Art Jani Kuha

    Reply 3 years ago

    I'm quite late I see.. but what would you like to know? I'm quite new to here.. and I really forget for a long time that I had this account. so I need to learn everything again.


    4 years ago