Light Fitting Restoration




Transformation of an old brass light fitting ready for the scrap heap transformed with £7 of materials similar light fittings are retailing in stores for £70-£80 few hours of work and it's all fitted in it's new home :)

Step 1: Clean & Prep

After you've sourced your old light fitting clean up all dust and key surface with scotchbrite mask off the bulb receivers to avoid painting the contacts

Step 2: Prime

Didn't take any pictures of this stage but build up a nice thin even layer of grey primer

Step 3: Paint

Same again cover the fitting in a nice even layer of Matt black and leave it dry then re apply another coat

Step 4: Fit

Now the light fitting is dry and looking as good as new time to fit the fitting then fit new bulbs :) sit back and admire you're new light :)



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and simple! Funny how just painting something can transform it into something completely new. This turned out great!