Light Frame (for Tekjocks Photography Light Box)




Introduction: Light Frame (for Tekjocks Photography Light Box)

Here is the follow up to my Photography Light Box. I am not going to get to elaborate on this one as it will come down to what size tubing you get will determine what size hardware you will need. So this will be a very basic tutorial.

I will be posting these pics on my flickr later so you can see more detailed pictures.

:: Parts ::
PVC tubes with connectors
3x Conduit Hanger (The size depends on the size of PVC tubing you have)
3x Nylon Lock Nut
3x Split Lock Washer
3x Standard Nut
3x Hex Cap Bolt
Power strip
Zip Ties
3x Clamp lights (with the ball joint and clamp removed)

:: Tools ::
Sharp Knife (I used a heavy duty box cutter)
Silver sharpie
Pliers or wrench

Leave some feedback ... thanks

Step 1: Assyembly of the Bracket for the Lights

[Pic1] All the parts.

[Pic2] Shows all the parts in the order they need to be assembled. The Nylon Nut should be tightened till the end of the bolt is flush with the outside of the nut and then on the other side tighten the Standard nut

[Pic3] This is the final assembly connected to the light. As you can see I point out where the flat side of the Bolt is. The non-flat (the pointy part) of the Bolt head should be should be touching the bracket that is holding the light. I tried both ways and this seemed to work best.

This is all up to your interpretation.

Step 2: Final Construction

I am not going to go into to much details of assembling the PVC tubing as it all depends on the type of and size tubing you get. I just happen to have all this laying around. It is from some old electronic basketball toy that my son had. If had the angled pieces on the top corners. It was also thin and easy to cut. I also had some long zip ties so I added a power strip to make turning on a snap.

[Pic1] Here is how mine came out. The base, the front is longer then the back. If just worked out better this way with the table I had.

[Pic2] I fished all the power cords through the tubing. This made for a cleaner look. I drilled 12 holes, 3 rows of 4 (See Pic3). Then using a heavy knife, cut around the entire area.

Step 3: Light Frame in Use (with Photography Light Box)

Here is a picture I took and I did some post clean up.

Here is a link to my Photography Light Box.

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    4 years ago

    oh gosh that damn spellchecker i meant to say ibles but of course it changed it to isles.


    4 years ago

    both of these light box isles are just great ... what do you photograph that yo need such lighting? I sold on eBay for 2 years not so much anymore and this would have really helped the changing light situations I had to deal with; mostly I just photo outside in FL, but sometimes the sun does bad things with shadows. This looks so pro. Thanx for meticulous pix and instrux.