Light Graffiti




Introduction: Light Graffiti

Draw or write names with light graffiti.

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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

All you need is:

     dark room
     camera (with the setting of long exposure a.k.a. "Starry Skies")
     laser pointer (I used a flashlight with red plastic over it)
     tripod (or a steady hand)

Step 2: Setting

Go to the setting "SCN" which stands for scene. Browse the scene mode for the setting "starry sky"or what it is called on your camera meaning long exposure. If you do not try to remember the setting where you have lights and you move it around for some time to make one picture. When you press the scene mode, it should say 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec. This is the number of seconds it will take to make the picture. Think about it make sure you have enough time or else the picture will be incomplete.

Step 3: Setting Up

Go into your dark room and put the camera on the tripod. Face the camera onto a wall. There could be a back ground but make sure it is dark enough so that you do not see the background. I used an empty wall just in case it was not dark enough. Pretend the room was dark and there was a camera there in the picture.

Step 4: Picture

When you are writing make sure you point the laser pointer at the camera. Get prepared and think of what you are going to draw. Once you are done, get the laser pointer and start the timer. You should hear some beeps to know when to start drawing, stop drawing, and the picture is made. Start drawing when the first beep beeped. Stop when the second beep beeped. However many seconds you had to draw the picture, is how many seconds you have to wait for the picture to be mixed. When you are drawing, you will have to turn on and off the light. If you are drawing a happy face you have to turn of the light when moving to the second eye. Then turn it back on when drawing the second eye. Turn it off when going to draw the mouth. Turn if back on when drawing the mouth.

Step 5: Ideas

You could draw whatever you want. I have:
     arrow (up)
     arrow (down)
     arrow (left)
     arrow (right)
      rojo balloon (with )
      rojo balloon
      "Al" from Fullmetal Alchemist

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    2 Discussions

    Dark Light
    Dark Light

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I use colored LEDs so I don't have to do any editing in a photo editor. The other option is to put colored cellophane over the white lens.

    This is pretty cool fun, though. My wife really enjoys it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instructable for beginning in light painting! But I would recommend to use another source of light (I'm not very willing to point my camera sensor with a laser... leds could be great) and if it would be a white light then you could give your graffiti the color you want in your favorite photo editor:

    Experiment with different light sources to create different effects, and using a bridge or reflex camera, where you can control ISO and exposure parameters manually, could be a plus too.