Light My No-Fire, Water Jug Party and Camping Lights




These quick and easy outdoor lights do not require fire or electricity and are safe for children and even adults. The cost is only one dollar if you shop at the dollar store and sometimes you can get even a better deal on a set of them.

Step 1: First Step Is to Collect Lots of Empty Jugs.

Anyone who has seen my other posts know that I like quick, cheap and easy. This is all three. You will need empty water or milk jugs. Be sure not to loose the lids because you will need them. Get the little flashlights at the dollar store. One for each jug. Check to make sure you get the ones with the batteries already in them. They do have two kinds and I like to get to most for my dollar.

Step 2: Light Your Jug

Carefully drop your little flashlight into the top of the jug. Light it first. Let the end of the lanyard hang out and then put the top on tightly enough to hold the flashlight in place. That's about it, except deciding where your going to use them. You will be amazed at the amount of light they put out.

Step 3: Use Them on the Deck

Add sand or pea gravel to the bottom if you expect wind but you really don't have to.

Step 4: Three Are Enough to Use on the Outside Table Without the Chance of a Fire

Step 5: With Flash and Without Flash.

So many of the state parks don't let you have outside fire any more and these are great to make a ring to sit outside and pretend it's a fire. You can see by the two pictures that they are also bright enough to light a path or the deck railing for a party. There are many other ways to decorate them for other seasons, like pumpkins and with colored lights for Christmas. Have fun and after you just recycle the jugs and put the flashlights away for the next event.



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