Light Printer




Introduction: Light Printer

First things first, we need to get a printer. Make sure this printer is expendable because we are going to do a couple of things to it.


LED of any color-"Light Emitting Diode"


AA battery holder 2 spaces

2 AA batteries

Resistor 150Ω


Alligator Clips

Step 1: Configure the Printer

Ok now you should take your printer and make a viewing hole in it. What I did is just take the printer top off

Step 2: Setting Up Electronics

1. Take the batteries and put them in the case.

2. Attach the alligator clips to the battery

3. Take the negative alligator clip and attach it to the resistor

4. Take the positive alligator clip and attach it to the long side of the LED.

5. Take another alligator clip and take it from the resistor to the other end of the LED.

Step 3: Glueing Everything Together

Ok now that we have everything setup, we need to actually put it on the printer.

Take some duct tape and secure the alligator clips.

Squish everything down, make sure the LED is visible!

Put this on to the printer with duct tape, hot glue, or anything else you could

use to make it stay on the printer.

Step 4: Print!

Now you have finally finished. Set your printer up,press print, and watch the light show.

Also if you wanted you could have soldered these parts.

If you did everything correctly it should look really cool.

Also if you thought my project was cool please vote for it.

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