Light Show Using Ardiuno and Vixen




A simple light effect show using ardiuno mega and vixen

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Step 1: Components Required

1.Ardiuno Mega

2.5v Ardiuno relay(3 pieces) 3.single colour led strips (50m,12v,30led/meter) 4.12v 10amps SMPS 5 connection wires

Step 2: Draw Your Theme

Roughly draw your theme on black background and paste the led strips across the outline

Step 3: Checking the Led Strips

check the pasted led strips using external dc supply

Step 4: Wiring

All the negative terminal of led strip is shorted together with the common of the SMPS

+V terminal of SMPS and the +ve terminal of led strip is connected to the 5v ardiuno relay

Step 5: Software

The software used here are ardiuno ide and vixen.

The song is prepared using vixen.

Step 6: Finalising

Screen is framed and assembled and ready to go.

(More details will be added soon).

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    1 year ago

    Looks cool, got a video to share? It would be fun to see the results in a video :)

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes of course we will add it soon