Light Show Window Art

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The idea was to make a piece of art that will catch the eye of the passerby ... people out walking their dogs etc...

Got the CCL lights from Xoxide, got the 6mm laser diodes from an eBay shop, got the 60cm x 90cm mirror (back and top) from LOWES.  

The front of the box is just my living room windows that finalize the near infinity look of the project from outside.

Print the parts from this instructable ... the mirror stands are 5° and 10° and 15° leaning forward for the back mirror ... try'm out see which looks best from your windows.  

I love school glue ... that's how I get everything to stick together ... so I can take it apart later to make something else later.


I still need to get a bunch of Yellow or Orange LEDs to add to the laser boxes and other parts of the display, but those are minor bits from the main show which is here now.

I'm using a HomeWork Board (BS2 chip) to control turning the lights ON/OFF the BS2 triggers neat little 8-relay modules I got from ... but this could also be made using BS170 transistors instead of relays ... but the relays make a neat clicking noise.




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