Light Stick of Awesomeness

Hey guys this is my first instructable! Hope yall enjoy! Ill teach you how to make this cool little Light Stick out if materials out of the things u have in ur house!

Step 1: Materials

First youll need to get these materials:
- 1 soft plastic disposable pen
- 1 exacto knife
- 1 light thing from a finger light

Step 2: The Pen

First, disassemble your pen completely, then throw away the ink tube and pen cap. Keep the end piece and the pen casing.

Step 3: Cutting the Slot

Cut a small slot big enough to hold the light thingy using the exacto knife. BE CAREFUL!

Step 4: Making the Reflector

Take a small piece of aluminum foil, and cut a small square out of it the size of the pens end. Carefully superglue the non shiny side of the foil to the open part of the end.

Step 5: Insert the End

Put the end of the pen back on and make sure it snaps on.


And you are done, hope you enjoy your little light stick! Press the tab on the light thingy to activate the light! Have fun! :)

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    Ooo it's like a portable light saber, nice job! Welcome to instructables, hope you share more awesome builds with us!