Light Switch Project



Introduction: Light Switch Project

This is a Rube Goldberg project on how to turn on a light switch. If you are lazy and want an easy way to turn on a light switch here is your way.

Step 1: Starting Project

First grab 3 boxes, 2 need to be 14 inches high 16 wide and then stack 2 boxes on top of each other.

Step 2: the Last Box

Now take that last box and put it right next to the other boxes.

Step 3: The Baseballs and String

Then get 5 baseballs and tape three together with a string attached, have the string about 3 ft.

Step 4: Time for Tape

Grab another ball and warp string around it and tape the string on there.

Step 5: Time for Scissors

Then use a pair of scissors and cut two squares with holes in the middles.

Step 6: Time to Get a Wet Wipe Bottle

Then get a round object like a marker or a Clorox bottle and tape it to the wall. Preferably a Clorox bottle.

Step 7: You Need Tape Again

Next you need to put the string with the one baseball through the holes in the square,then tape the loose end that does not have the baseball to the box.

Step 8: Grab Your String

Next you need to grab the string with 3 baseballs on it and put it on that box and tape the other side of it to the light switch.

Step 9: Get Things Lined Up

Then make sure that all the baseballs that are on the boxes are lined up.

Step 10: Final Finish

Finally cut the string that you put through the squares in the middle and watch it from there.

Step 11: Materials

1.) 5 Baseballs

2.) 3 Pieces of String

3.) 3 Boxes

4.) Strong Tape

5.) Clorox Bottle or Marker

6.) Scissors

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    Cool idea for a Rube Goldberg machine. Do you have any shots of the system in action?