Smart Home Light Switch Sensor

Internet Connected Light Switch and Multipurpose Sensor
-The ability to control a light switch from any location using your phone

-The ability to monitor the humidity and temperature of the room

-Acts as a smoke detector

-All hardware can be added on top of a light switch without having to remove the plate from the wall, allowing the device to be used in college dorms, hotels, etc.

You will need:

Light Switch Print:

Node MCU:


MQ2 Gas Sensor:

Laser Printed Wood Box:

Adafruit 0.96” OLED:

Step 1: The Hardware

For the construction of the hardware, all of the components are to be based out of the wooden box. The board and sensor should go in at the bottom of the box, while the 3D printed light switcher should go at the top of the box and closest to the wall.

Step 2: The Software

The software can be found here. All of the software should be uploaded to the Node MCU board.



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