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Introduction: Metropolitan Meditation - Ahaar Bhool™

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Ahaar Bhool - Inside While Outside, Springtime, Forgettingful Blossomness

The use of closed-eye meditation and light-color therapy have been known to allow people to access alternate realities generated by our imaginative subconscious. Ahaar Bhool allows user to engage in guided or self-led meditations in a manner that is seamless with the rest of their lives.

Ahaar Bhool contains two neopixels, softly diffused and resting above each eye. The LEDs flash to a user-set tempo, initiating a dreamlike state in the brain. The complex environments generated within the mind’s eye are important to explore if any for of creation is intended. One can visualize and enter chambers of the self, working towards improvement or deeper understanding. Everyone deserves to take a moment to experience, explore, and grow with their eyes closed.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

To complete this project you will need

  • Arduino Micro 5V
  • Access to a computer that has either
  • Appropriate Breadboard
  • Three Potentiometers (knobs are optional)
  • Two Neopixel Dots
  • Approximately 5 Feet of Wire
  • 6" x 3" x 2" of Foam Slab, found most easily at upholstery and custom furniture/bedding stores
  • Old Pair of Sunglasses
  • Foam Cutter
  • Hand-Powered Drill and 7/16" Drill Bit
  • Hot Glue Gun or SuperGlue

Step 2: Solder Your Circuit

Follow the provided circuit diagram to create your circuit

Pull the 5v and Ground pins out to a vertical row to create a reliable power supply to plug into

Sometimes the circuit-board labels are printed above or below the corresponding pin, so be sure to count in from the nearest edge and match the appropriate pin according to the diagram

How To Solder

Be sure to note that the second NeoPixel's digital input is daisychained to the same DIN as the first Neopixel, not the DOUT of the first neopixel

Step 3: Cut Foam to Match Your Sunglasses

Cut one 1/8" layer of two separate eyepieces for the sunglasses, and one continuous layer which will rest above the LEDs and protect the face.

Please work in a well-ventilated atmosphere!

Step 4: Glue LEDs to Sunglasses

Match the center of the LEDs to the center of your eyelids

Step 5: Circuit Housing

Utilize a 7/16" drillbit to cut holes for the knobs.

Attach your knobs to the potentiometer after fitting them through the top of your container

Step 6: Finishing

Cut some custom foam pieces to block light from entering your view, paint the foam to match your eyeglasses

Download the 'sketch_nov27c.ino' code and upload it to your Arduino Board using the software or online platform (download the FastLED library!)

You're ready to go!

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