Powered Light Up Backpack

Introduction: Powered Light Up Backpack

4 LED lights on a Jansport Backpack.

4 LED Lights
1 BackPack(recommend Jansport)
2 Screw Drivers
1 Hot glue Gun
2 On/Off Switches
1 Electric tape
About 2 feet of Wire.
1 Wire cutters
1 9.6V Battery
2 Screws

Step 1: Parts

Tools dat i used to Put it together.

Step 2: Procedures-1

Cut out 4-6 holes... depends which type of LED lights ur working on.. mine are 2 connected on a wide chip.4 holes for the LED lights and 2 for the screws.

i kinda messed up the first time.. theres 2 holes on the left side because it cae our crukid. idk lol

Step 3: Procedures-2

Place the 9.6V battery in the big pocket of the Backpack.

i sowed that pocket like in half to hold the battery from moving.. idk if u want to do dat but i did.

Step 4: Procedures-3

Theres 2 Switches.. the main switch is on the end of the strap. the second switch is on the small pocket..

Dont pay attention to the silver switch.. i took that switch off my R/C car..

i cut a rectangular hole to make it fit..

then Hot glue it to the hole.

Step 5: Procedures-5

Get the cable/wire to run throughout the backpack and into the strap to the main switch.

And thats it.. if ur still a bit more confused just comment about it and ill reply bak..

just a lil heads up people.. im not done.. in a couple of days im incerting speakers and a pocket sized amplifier..

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