Light Up Die

Introduction: Light Up Die

This is a tutorial on how to make a dice that has numbers which light up. Hence light up dice.

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Step 1: Materials

21 LEDs of any color
Box of paper clips 
Soldering Iron
9 Volt battery

Step 2: Dice

Using Solidworks Then drill holes the size of your LED lights on the proper sides. I should resemble an dice. Make sure that one side can be used a lid and also that the holes are equidistant.


Step 3: 6

For the 6 LED side make that the holes are equidistant otherwise it will not be aesthetic. Set up the LEDs so that one set is negative and one set is positive. The paperclips will help connect the sides together. Make sure that positive connects to positive. The 6th side will be a parallel circuit. Then solder them together.

when going about soldering wires and such it should look the picture above (with iron)

Step 4: 5

The 5th side is the hardest side. Connect the LED's like the 6th side, meaning that one side is positive and one side is negative. Bend the paperclips inward in order to connect the middle LED. Then using the other paperclip solder the other side. You might want to use a resistor for the middle LED otherwise it will burst.

Step 5: 4

This is the lid of the LED. This is a simple parallel circuit.

Step 6: 3

The 3 side is a diagonal setup that will be connected in series. Make sure to connect positive to negative.

Step 7: 2 & 1

This side will need a paper clip to connect to connect the 2-side LEDS. Then connect the one side LED by connecting it to the 2-side by using a paperclip.

Step 8: With All Side Soldered Together Placement of the Bulbs Is Next

Step 9: After Soldering All the Wires Together the Die Should Look Like This

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The LEDs were actually flattened at the tops so when the die hit the ground they did not shatter. they were like cylinders.