Wedding Ice Sculpture

Introduction: Wedding Ice Sculpture

This design if for those couples that are ready to take the next step, marriage. This design looks amazing with almost any theme and is very appealing to the human eye, adding an elegant vibe or tone to the overall occasion. As a simple DIY creation, this luxury can be made with what ever design you want it to be.

(I actually took this picture when I went to Canada)

Step 1: Materials


Safety Goggles

Block of Ice


Design Blueprint

LED Lights

Step 2: Design

You can choose from many designs like swans, hearts, people, etc., anything that you can think of. The design comes with whatever size you want the sculpture to be, from 1 foot to 3 feet tall, whatever you think is right. You can either draw out a design or start small with a piece of ice.

Step 3: Process

With either a smaller prototype of a drawing board, the actual process of sculpting the ice structure must now commence. You can always install the lights from underneath by making a hole thin enough to barely fit the LED lights. You can shape the ice to whatever you fancy, or maybe ask for someone else's opinions of what to make.

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