Light-Up LED Jelly Fish Costume

Introduction: Light-Up LED Jelly Fish Costume

1. Sombrero
2. 2 pack of Purple LED battery-powered lights
3. Purple & Pearly-white balloon ribbon
4. Hot glue gun
5. Sheer white fabric & colored silky fabric (scraps)
6. White dress
7. Scissors
8. Glitter shoes
9. Light up bubble gun
10. Purple glowstick earrings
11. Needle & thread
12. Silver tinsel garland
13. Bubble wrap
14. Plastic bags
15. White tights

(All materials were either recycled or bought at the Dollar Tree, Goodwill, & Walmart)

1. Hot glue bubble wrap around sombrero edge (so it's like a giant open bowl).
2. Fill "bowl" with white plastic bags.
3. Cut small hole in top of sombrero & string lights through (battery packs on inside of hat).
2. Pinch open top of bubble wrap bowl together and hot glue shut.
3. Hot glue white sheer fabric over the whole plastic bag-filled sombrero.
4. Hot glue tinsel garland around brim of hat.
5. Curl purple and white balloon ribbons and hot glue to underside of hat.
6. Sew two long strips of silky fabric scraps to the sides of the dress.
7. Put on your tights, dress, glitter shoes, glow-earrings, and grab your bubble gun!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think every mermaid would like to wear your outfit as a wedding outfit. : ) Cute!