Light Up Letter Out of Cardboard




I created a letter light up with fairy lights actually as a Christmas present for one of my sisters. I had the wrong tape and not enough patience, so the project ended up in my storage room until recently. I bought some textile tape in black and stuck the few pieces together.

All you need:
cardboard (an old boots box or something similar big)
textile tape (like duct tape)
drilling machine
fairy lights.

All you actually need to do is cut out a letter out of a boots box, add some walls to get a 3D illusion. Drill holes in the size of the tips of the fairy lights. Put those into the freshly drilled holes and voilá!

To see more pictures and get a detailed description view on my blog:



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! If you use the photos from your blog to put together an Instructable, that'd be awesome.