Light-Up Model Farmhouse

Introduction: Light-Up Model Farmhouse

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This is just a cool project to do especially of your own house!

Supplies for how to make a light up model farmhouse:

Cardboard Sheet Measurements:

2-13x4.5in (33x11.4cm)


2-9.5x5in (24.1x12.7cm)

5-10.2x5in (25.9x12.7cm)

4-9.7x9.7in (24.6x24.6cm)

2-13x5in (33x12.7cm)

1-6.5x4in (16.5x10.1cm)

I made my 11 window shutters 1x2in (2.5x5cm) but you can make yours any size you like.

Some form of light (led strips or a lantern work best)

Hot Glue

Spray Paint (I used red for the roof)

Plain Printer Paper (this is what I used for the outside walls but you could use spray paint.) Do not use white spray paint as it doesn't turn white on cardboard! (At least from my experience.)

Scissors and Exacto knife.

The Model I made came out being 14.25x10x12in or 36.2x25.4x30.4cm

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Step 1: Create the Basic Structure

grab your 4 cardboard squares, 4 of you're 10.2x5in (25.9x12.7cm) rectangles and make two square boxes as seen in the picture above. Glue your 2 9.5x5in (24.1x12.7cm) rectangles to the top. You will also need to glue the front porch on about half an inch of the ground which is one of the 9.5x5in (24.1x12.7cm) but you will want to shorten it once you've glued it on (I made it bigger to prevent mistakes).

Step 2: Roof and Shutters

Peel back one of the cardboard sheets like in the picture. Glue the two of your 13x5in (33x12.7cm) boards to each other at a 40-degree angle and glue the whole thing to the left side of the roof. Now cut the difference for the overhang in the front. Cut the 6.5x4in (16.5x10.1cm) board at an angle so it lines up flush with the other boards and glue that to the 11.5x4.5in(29.2x11.4cm) board at a 40-degree angle. Glue what you just made to the right of the house. You need your 11 window shutters (11 because you will need to cut one to be the door frame.)

Peel back the cardboard for the window shutter texture and spray paint them (this is also the time to spray paint the roof.) You could use any color you want but I used red (It seemed more farmhousie). While everything is drying, determine where you want your windows and cut them out. Glue the paper to the whole farmhouse over the windows too! Now that your shutters and roof are dry, glue the shutters on either side of each window and cut out the door frame.

This step is part of the roof but it has to be done last. Glue the last 9.5x5in (24.1x12.7cm) board over the front porch at a slight angle.

Step 3: Stairs and Lights

Just do what it is in the picture its that simple! Put a lantern inside of the house and turn it on. The light should shine through the paper covering where you cut out the windows!

Step 4: All Done!

You should have light up Model Farmhouse now!

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