Light Up Nerf Gun!

Introduction: Light Up Nerf Gun!

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So anyone who's seen Tron knows how cool the lights are. Well now your nerf gun can have them too!
You will need:
Nerf gun of choice
Crafting saw with easy curves
Dremel tool
Screw driver
Foam or cheap white plastic
Leds or light bulb
Solder or foil tape
Switch or toggle button

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Step 1: Get Screwed!

Unscrew your nerf gun and remove the internals. But if you want your gun to still shoot, don't throw them away. All you will need for now is the shell.

Step 2: Mark the Lines

Now with a sharpie, mark out your plans of where to cut. Make sure not to cut parts completely off the shell!

Step 3: Slice and Dice

Once the lines are marked, use your crafting saw to cut them out. Be very careful, and hopefully do a better job than I did, and you will have a pretty cool shell.

Step 4: Foam It Up!

Now using your foam, cover the holes you just cut on the inside. Melt the foam with a hot glue gun if you need to ensure that the internals fit. Also, you can put a thin layer of hot glue over the foam for a cool liquid glossy look.

Step 5: Add the Organs to Frankenstein

Put the internals back where you found them and bust out your wires, or in my case, foil tape. Begin by finding a place where a battery could be placed and place it. I recommend 9 volt, for longevity, but you may need resistors. While you're at it, wire your toggle switch in also.

Step 6: Positively Shocking!

Now create a current using your wires or foil tape, and make them lead to your light, which should be nestled neatly in the foam. Try turning it on and checking if the light works.

Step 7: Pack Er Up and Move Out!

Great! Your light not only works, but fits in the casing without disturbing the internals! Now patch your gun up with the other half and enjoy your new light up blaster. Hopefully, yours came out better than mine, because I messed up a couple times. But hey, failure is a gift! Learn from it!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Cool! Can't wait to see it!


    6 years ago

    Its very good! I'm going to make a tutorial on making homemade shells for it!


    6 years ago

    Nice! How's the Sledgefire working out for you?