Light Up Notebook That Turns Off When Book Is Put Down


Introduction: Light Up Notebook That Turns Off When Book Is Put Down

Hi, I love LED's and made this myself. I am 8yrs old and my mom helped me write it up.

What you need:
1 Notebook
1 Normally open button ( mine was left over after taking apart my "shake n go race car")
3 pieces of wire
1 coin cell battery
1 LED Red 5mm light
2"X 2" piece of cardboard

Step 1: Flip Over Book and Tape on Items

Put LED through hole. Tape it there.

Tape on battery and connect a wire to the LED from battery with wire end under battery.

Tape on button.
Connect the wire from the battery to the button with the wire end on top of battery.

Use last wire to connect button to LED.

I used cardboard folded to help keep the notebook level.

When the button is pushed the light goes off. When the button is released the light goes on.

Great for any student going back to school.



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    Good job on your first ible. It is a very neat idea.

    Great project! Have you thought about using and RGB LED, or integrating a wearable Arduino like Gemma?

    6 replies

    Hi ShadowStriker, Thank you for letting us know about the Arduino Gemma - first time ever hearing about it. We checked it out and it looks awesome! We ordered on ebay and used the "5mm Dual Bi-Color Red/Green/Blue Super bright diffused Bright 3-pin LED diode". I searched for RGB LED and it looks like they have 4 pins and change colour! Thanks for letting us know :)

    You could also use the Arduino nano for little things like that.

    Your welcome. You guys should look at the Arduino blog. You can find it at

    Thank you gabgra11!

    Fun way to customize a notebook. It might be fun to hollow out the last few pages so that you can hide all the component inside the notebook.

    1 reply

    Hi DIY Hacks and How Tos, I just realized I had replied in the wrong spot - sorry about that. Thank you for your great idea to hollow out the pages!