Light Up Skull




items needed:


    • soldering iron
    • solder
    • wire cutters
    • safety glasses
    • solder cleaner


    Step 1: Solder Parts Onto Board

    Start the kit, follow the manual. Put the pieces together by following the manualDo not do steps 5 and 6

    Step 2: Soldering Led Wires

    Then once finished with steps 1 through 4 solder the wires to the board that will be your led and solder the battery holder. Depending what skull you have you might have a skull that already comes with the led or not. So you might have to solder new led lights onto your board or solder the ones that already come in your skull. When all done solder the battery holder by following the instructions.

    Step 3: Add Led Into Skull

    Make any changes to the skull to accommodate your led lights; then fit everything together, glue and cutters may be needed to make a hole to put the board and battery holder in skull and glue the led's into the skull to get it to light up. Feel free to make any changes etc. to the skull to get the desired look you want!

    Then you will be all done!

    Step 4: All Done!

    This is the final product. Here is a video of the Skull all lit up



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      2 years ago

      I'd love to see a finished picture of your skull lit up.