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Introduction: Light Up Your Pool

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If you are having a party and you have a pool or a fountain you cannot miss the opportunity to bring color to it!

This easy idea will give you the opportunity to make your party more funny by lighting this clue spaces

Step 1: Materials

  • 3 Pearl balloons
  • 3 Led light (special light that can be immersed into water)
  • 9 stones
  • 3 small plastic bags
  • 3 elastic bands

Step 2: Light Up the Light

Lights need to be working so you can light the balloons. Led lights battery will last around 10 hours

Step 3: Introduce Light Into Balloon

Add led light in the balloons.

Step 4: Fill Balloon With Air

Blow the balloon to make it grow to its full size.

Step 5: Stones and Bags

Add 2-3 stones into small bags. This will add weight to the balloon.

Step 6: Hold Stones in Balloon

With the elastic band add stones and bags in the balloon

Step 7: Place in Water

Place your balloons in water and decorate.

I love how it looks.




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    11 months ago

    Bright Idea!!

    Very clever idea.