Light Box From Recycled Materials




Introduction: Light Box From Recycled Materials

Everyone knows that the best photos are made with daylight...but when the sun isn't shining what can we do?
Photos with a light box! :)
I've finally made my light box using recycled materials:
  • the box of my Easter chocolate egg that otherwise my grandma would have thrown away;
  • baking paper, that i used to fuse some plastic bags, and would have been a waste to throw away, but i could not use to cook something;
  • scrap yarn;
  • glue, not recycled, obviously;
  • cutter.

Let's start!

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Step 1: Let's Cut

First, we have to cut two windows in the box.
The first will be large enough to shot photos without seeing it.
The second will be large enough to allow the light to enter in the box and full illuminate it. Don't cut away the cardboard, it will be useful to protect the paper from being torn.
You have to cut two adjacent sides, so the light will come from the high, and you'll photograph on the front.

Step 2: Let's Glue

Now take the bakery paper, measure the window on the top (the one with cardboard still on) and cut the paper at least 2 cm - 1" more. Glue it on the inside of the box. I found that this type of paper is perfect to shield the direct light of a lamp. Let the glue dry.
Add the scrap yarn to easily open the cardboard window. I used a tapestry needle.

Step 3: Done!

Now you can fill your light box with fabric or paper (don't use woolly fabric or felt, they give a blurry effect), and make your photos at home!
Be sure to use the correct white balance :)

It's easy, doesn't it?

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