Light Clock




Introduction: Light Clock

Step 1: What You Need

clock, loupe, flashlight, mirror, plywood

Step 2: Box

make box

Step 3: Tubes

make tubes ( lens )

Step 4: Folding

fold all together

Step 5: How

How this work

Step 6: Finish




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    12 Discussions

    i have tried this one but it didnt work well. the clock didnt show up on the wall, just the beam of the flashlight through the loupe. anyone can help or explain ?

    Another one of your brilliant instructables! You are very creative and one of my favorite posters here!

    You could probably put a picture instead of a clock, great for Halloween!

    Now that is cool. I might have to go and scrounge up some stuff to make that. As others have mentioned, if you already have not, add this to the mash up contest.

    This is a wonderful piece ok kit! Now, I wonder how a small Casio TV and some ultra bright white LEDs would perform? Poor man's TV projector possibly. Thanks for sharing this - I'm off to get some wood cut!

    nice work. try put one of those red/green LED clocks ofcourse without the lamp, lets see how they work out since their LEDs not that bright.

    Nice work, it's really cool. This should be entered in both the Mash It and Laser Cutter Contest. Great ible! Keep it up!

    Excelent instructable. Good work figuring out or finding how it works.

    hey ! I like it very much ! Congratulation ! It is as well a good start for any other projection