Light Controlled Window Lamp




Why do I i wan't light controlled light?

I build this be curse of I'm tired of change the timer every month.
So when the sun go's down the lamps light up.

plus it's look like some one is home be curse of it's light up diffrent time every day/ week.

What do I need?
5V controlled high voltage relay. HERE
Soil Humidity Sensor. HERE
Photoresistor. HERE
Cables. HERE

Step 1: Add the Relay

Start with opening the power switch and cut the wire inside ( only the one with contacts) .

connect the wire to the relay. One in the middle and one in right or left. left on mine.

Step 2: Setup and Connect Photoresistor

On the Soil Humidity Sensor you have a potentiometer to set the light density.

I put the photoresistor on a stick to put in the flower.

Step 3: Connect All Wiers

I use an China USB contact as power source for this. So I needed to get longer wires to power this.

I soldered the power cables from the Sensor and relay.
Connect the D0 from the sensor to the relay control pin.

And you are DONE!

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