Light House

Makers ; Muniraj and Kushal

Location: E4D Banjarapalya Maker space.

We made this project at Banjarapalya E4D Makerspace, for The Instructables Build Night On Circuit Scribe. We enjoy this build night and it was cool.


1. A4 sheets

2. Marker

3. 9V Adapter

4. LED's

5. Gum

6. Buzzer

7. 9V Battery

8.NP N Transistor


10.Conductive Pen


1. pencil

2. Eraser

3. Scale

4. Scissor

5. Stencil

Step 1: Draw the Circuit

First Plan the Circuit. Then draw the circuit on any sheet you have with the help of pencil and stencil. After that draw with conductive pen.

Step 2: Fix LED's and Blinker

After draw the circuit take LED's, Battery Adopter, Battery,NP N Transistor, Buzzer, Blinker and fix it to the circuit with the help of Steel pad.

Step 3: Make Your Own Home

Then next take Two A4 sheets and stick it with the help of five stick. After sticking the sheets take pencil, scale and draw the lines after that just fold it as showing in the images.

Step 4: Cut the Edges of Sheets

After completing the folding take scissor and cut the sheets edges as showing in the image. But don't cut full only last box edges.

Step 5: Stick the Sheets

After that stick the sheets with the help of fevi stick as showing in the image.

Step 6: Make Other Side of the House

Then next take other A4 sheets and fold it like Box Shape and stick it to the other part of house with the help of kevi stick. finally your home look like this.

Step 7: Put the Circuit Under the Home

Take the circuit and put the circuit under the home. Finally it will look like this.if you want to look nice you can draw something on the house.

Step 8: Watch Video



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