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Introduction: "Light in a Frame"

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This project is about making the most of the unused things you have lying around your home. I had bought secondhand lamp from a thrift store for $2. It had this opaque glass shaped like a cone, power cord, bulb...
I wanted to use it for one of my project but could figure out how or where to use it, until one day I looked at a wooden frame on my terrace, and I thought "why not put the opaque cone in some kind of a wooden frame.
I had to decided what kind of frame would be best to incorporate the cone. I decided on a cube form with four bars on the sides.
In hindsight, I think that trapezium form would have worked better for this project.

Step 1: What You Need Is...


wood slats
light bulb (G 9)
bulb socket (G 9)
contact paper


various drill bits
sandpaper (100, 250, 400)

Step 2: Drill, Sand and Paint.

Once you have cut all the pieces of the puzzle, it is time to sand them so the they are as smooth as you want them and then just paint the with the paint you have chosen.

Step 3: Attaching the Glass Cone to the Top of the Frame.

I wanted to leave no traces of the wires, everything to be hidden, so this is how I decided to attach the cone.

Step 4: Assemble the Pieces.

First, feed the wires through the bottom - side bar - and to the bulb.
Second, glue the side bars to the bottom.
Third, attach the top part.

Step 5: There You Have It.

This turned out to be one of my dearest projects to date.



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    Nice! What type of lightbulb are you using? I don't recognize what you used.

    1 reply

    It is G9 light bulb http://fasttechcdn.com/products/143/1434406/1434406-1.jpg
    I used LED G9 light bulb because the emit less heat and on top of that consume very little amount of electricity, the only disadvantage is that they cost more that the halogen ones.

    Thank you, M3G and dtousey.