Light Clock

Introduction: Light Clock

This is my first instructable but I hope you like it.
This easy project is perfect for the people who don't like the digital clocks but need to see the hour at night or for the ones who just want to have some fun building it.

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Step 1: Materials Required:

You'll need:
-A clock
-Some leds(I took them from Christmas stuff)
-A switch
-Insulating tape

Step 2: Assembling the Circuit

For this step you'll need the leds, the wires,the switch and the tape.

-First you have to cut the wires that connect the batteries to the leds. After that you have to strip the end of the wires we've cut.
-Then strip the wires of the switch being carefully so you don't cut the copper.
-When you finish that you have to connect the wires to assemble the circuit. First connect one of the wires of the battery with one of the switch, do the same with the other one and then join them with tape.Do the same with the wires of the other side of the switch and the ones from the leds.
Prove it and be sure it works well before continuing.

Step 3: The Clock

I've decided to make my own design for the numbers of the clock. This is optional but it's fantastic to make the clock look more personal.

Step 4: Assembly Everything

Then you have to make some holes with the drill to put in the leds. I've make ten holes because I've got ten leds.
Introduce each led into each hole and glue them with the hot glue gun.
Assemble the components of the clock again, check it and make sure it works well.

I hope you like it.
Follow me and tell me any ideas you have.

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