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Hey guys this is my first instructable,in wich i'll teach you how to make a light seeking robot.This is a project i've made ,because i like robotics, and i'm starting with it, so it's a simple way to build a robot.I've made it with very cheap materials, but if you want you can make it better ,i'm planning to make a radiocontrolled one , but i dont know anything about it .
Let's get started !!!....

Step 1: Part List and Materials

For this instructable you'll need :

2 Plastic circles , i used  circles but you can use any shape 

3 big screws and bolts 

Hot glue  and hot glue gun

Cables (1,5 meters aprox.)

2 Dvd 5.9 Volts Motors

2 TIP120 Transistor

2 1k Resistors 

2 1N4001 Diodes

2 LDRs

1 breadboard (optional , i didn't use it ,but it make a more structured project)

2 Wheels ( i got them from an old toy )

1 Switch 

To power up this project i'll be using a 9 volt battery , but you can also use a A23 12 volt battery or any other similar power source ,you'll also need sodering tools such a sodering iron stanium , helping hands ,etc.


Step 2: Circuit and Internal Structure

This is the diagram of the circuit i used . be carefull off the polarity of the motors and the position of the LDRs , because that defines the moves that the robot does .Before you proced to the next step , make sure that the motors spin in a correct way .There are no sodering instructions less than these , so you are free to make it in your way!!

Step 3: Creating the Body

To make the body i used 2 old plastic circles , and i attached it with screws and bolts as  it's show down there , but you can make the body you want , you could also use and od tupper .

Step 4: Glue It Up

So now we are at the fun step , i glued  the circuit to the body with the hot glue gun , i also added the wheels to the motors using  it .I glued the LDRs to the top circle of the body , as it's showed in the image below .After you glued everything you'll have to put on the bolts to close the body of the robot ....

Step 5: Finish !!!!

Now you are done !!! You've made a light seeking robot !!!!

I leave more images to show you more of my robot ,stay hungry stay  foolish .... 



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    If I get another motor I'll give it a try. :D

    Here is some schematic with the SPDT Switch.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    in the first photo whatare the blue ones (near ldr)

    AM Robotics

    6 years ago on Introduction

    first of all i can tell you what it could go wrong with the proyect : first you have to use an NPN transistor , second the intensity in the colector pin of the transistor should be 10 times higher than the intensity in the base pin of the transistor. If all is good at this point, you should probably hafe to chenge the LDR's , I used two 2Kohms ones.Finally if nothing else works you can verify if the motors are working good , or if the baterry has enough power.

    Sorry i didn;t logged in for a while .. The answer is no the TIP30C is a PNP transistor , you have to use an NPN transistor like the TIP 120 ,TIP121 or the TIP122 .Hope this information was usefull for you ,here i leve you the datasheets of the TIP30C and TIP120 :


    6 years ago on Introduction

    may i have the circuit diagram ?
    i can't understand you circuit diagram.

    I was also asking if i could get the schematic diagram of this robot with SPDT switch and on/off switch please thanks!

    this ckt is betr n easy dan mine..
    i ll try it... bt TIP120 is easily available at here??? or suggest smthing els option
    like npn or pnp.. :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    hi 159753, mine didn´t work becouse the LDRs were not sensible enaugh.
    where did you buy yours?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    hi guy.....these is very nice robot
    but u have not shown the use of SPDT switch in the schematic.....pls give it