Light-up Thanksgiving Card

Can't find a card in the store that expresses just what you want to say?

Make one!

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Step 1: Images

Find some images online that you like and print them out.

Embellish as necessary.

Step 2: The Electronics

Get some batteries and an LED. Test.

Stack and tape the batteries.

Bend the LED legs to almost make contact with the pos/neg sides of the battery, and tape onto picture.

Make a housing unit to cover it all, and attach to picture.

Add any further designs on outside, and write, "press me" on light unit.

Step 3: Make Into Card

Cut a piece of card stock to the width of your card and 2 1/2 times the height.

Make 2 fold lines each the height of the card.

The rest is the bottom flap to make the card stand, cuz you wanna show this creation off correctly.

Glue picture on as shown.

Cut little piece off from leftover card stock to make flap lock. Glue on.

Add inside greeting.

Step 4: All Done!

I made a box to put mine in.

My Mom will be the lucky recipient.

It'll be displayed on the China hutch, next to the other(boring) cards.

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