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Introduction: Light Up Wire Stripper

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Sometimes you need to strip a wire and you do not happen to have a stripper handy. A few wires an LED or light bulb and some tape and you can make a wire stripper that will prevent you from cutting the wire and losing that precious length.

Supplies needed
2 razor blades
1 led or small flashlight bulb
2 sets of alligator clips
1 9v battery or any battery really
tape or something to hold the razor blades together. I used my erector set for mine and made a couple guards to avoid cuts but use your imagination

These would also be good things to include in a survival kit

You want to hook one of the clips to the razor blades and then the other end to the light bulb.
hook the light bulb to the battery
the other clip you hook to the wire you are stripping and make sure you squeeze the clip down and the other end of the clip to the battery

Now when you go to strip the wire you press it into the razorblades until the light turns on and then twist it around and pull to strip the wire

Really easy to make on the fly and when your working on electronics that you cannot lose wire length on it can save the day in a pinch

Can be put in an Altoids can for on the go wire work and can be used as a circuit tester.

Thanks for reading!

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