Light Up Musical Jewelry Box

Introduction: Light Up Musical Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes make great presents to give during the holidays and are fun crafting projects! So I made a jewelry box and added lights and music to make it cooler and more special :D

Foam Board
Poster Lights
Two double A batteries
Musical Crank Box
Drawer/furniture glides
Nail on drawer glides 
Hair Pins
Construction Paper
Decorative Paper
Gem stones
Crazy Glue

Electric Screwdriver/drill

Cost: The materials cost around $50

Step 1:

Using a saw, cut the wood into 1 12in X 6 in board, 1 12in X 4in board, 1 12in X 2in board, 2 12in X 5in boards, 4 5in X 6in boards, and 2 ½ in X 12 in boards. Using the foam board, cut 4 1/2 in by 5in boards. 

After cutting each peice of wood, rub them against sandpaper to even out the edges a little bit. 

Label the 12in X 5in boards as A, the 5in X 6in boards as B, the 12in X 6in board as C, the ½in X 5in boards as D, and the 2 1/2in X 12in boards as E, and the 12in X 2in board as G. 

Step 2:

Place one board C horizontally standing upright and place the board B with the opening along board C’s short edge to create a 90 degree angle. Attach it to board B. Repeat on the other side of board C.  Slide in one board A on the bottom of the box. Attach the two short opposite sides of the box to board A. 

Step 3:

On two boards that are 5in X 6in, place the musical crank box to the upper left hand corner and mark the placement of the crank. Cut out that part using a saw. Then glue the two boards together, aligning the slots. Hammer in this part to the box. 

Step 4: Drawer

Cut out two pieces of foam board that are 5in X 2in. Attach them to the sides of board G. Cut out another peice of foam board that is 12in X 4.5 in and attach it the bottom. In the middle of board G, drill a hole and screw in the knob. On the inner part of the bottom of the box, glue in the furniture glides. 

On each of the sides of this drawer, make two slits that start halfway and end at the back of the drawer.

Step 5:

Place the L-shaped metal things through the slits on the drawer and using crazy glue, attach it to the inner sides of the box. (For this, you can use actual nail on drawer glides but I used these L-shaped metal things that I found in my dad's toolbox)

Step 6:

Using wood glue or nails (really strong tape works too), attach the 12in X 4in board straight up on top on board G. Cut out a peice of foam board that is 12in X 5in and using tape, attach it horizonatally between the two sides of the box, 1.5 in from the top. Create compartments by taking small peices of foam board and attaching them to the 12in X 5in foam board. 

Step 7:

Apply crazy glue to the bottom of the musical crank box and place it in the compartment next to the opening for the crank in the box. (If you need to elevate it, cut out a small piece of foam board and put it there and then put the musical crank box). 

Step 8:

Separetlely, take the remaining board A. Glue together two 1/2in X 5in boards to make two of those. Cut a rectangle of the bottom of one of these boards that is 1/2in X 1in. Make 6 holes above the rectangle. On the other doubled foam board, make 9 holes. On the board that is 1/2 in X 12in, make 5 holes. Attach all of these boards along with the remaining 1/2in X 12in board to board A ( all should make a rectangle. 

Make two pieces of foam board that are a little bit smaller than the mirror size and glue them together. Then glue the foam peices onto the back of the mirror. Put the mirror in the middle of the top. 

Step 9:

Insert batteries in the switch of the poster lights and place that switch through the rectangle on one of the foam boards. Place each head of the lights through each hole. Tape excess wire down and cover both sides of the mirror with pieces of foam board. Glue construction paper on top of the foam boards and create pockets towards the bottom. Take 6 hair pins and cut them to make them smaller and serve as hooks. Glue these hooks to the top of the construction paper. 

Step 10:

Attach the top for the box to the box using hinges. 

Step 11:

Cover the whole box with decorative paper and gems and whatever you like :)

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    6 years ago on Step 11

    great project! looks beautiful :))