Light/Tron/Rave Cello Bow/Music Bow




Introduction: Light/Tron/Rave Cello Bow/Music Bow

we have a concert coming up where we will play Clocks in the dark with glowsticks on our bows.
i decided to make mine stand out xD

Music Bow/Instrument/anything you want to glow
Super Glue
Electrical Tape

Step 1: The EL Wire

i bought mine from ebay for 5$
it comes in all colors, some even come with multi colors.

they are pretty bright, even in the clear daytime you can tell its glowing.

Step 2: EL Wire + Bow

tape the end of the wire to the tip of your bow with electrical tape, then just twirl the wire along the bow (with the battery pack detached of course)

tape the end of the wire(this should be the male connection) to the END of the bow, make sure there's some freedom so the connection can move with your bowing. you wouldn't want it to untape while playing.

then connect it to the battery pack and mess around with the wire to get it how you want it.

Step 3: Velcro

measure and cut the Velcro to the size of your Wrist + Battery Pack
(to do this i put the pack ontop of my forarm and wrapped the Velcro around it and cut it accordingly.)

for the opposite side of the Velcro cut it to HALF the size of the other velcro so you will have two peaces like this:

this would be the fuzzy side(for the battery pack)

this would be the rough side 

Glue the Furry Side to the battery pack, make sure its straight.
once dry test it on and see how it fits to make your adjustments to make sure its on nice and tight.

Then have fun xD

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    How long does the el wire have to be for a bow?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I bet it would look awesome with you playing and everything, especially if you waved it around alot

    you should take a long exposure shot of yourself playing with this, I bet it would look amazing!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    haha once the concert is over ill try it with my guitar xD
    thnx for the idea!