As a present, I wanted to create a small lightbox, made from MDF. The idea was to create a small house from MDf, in which I could place inserts, depicting a scene (in this case the moon landing).


- 5 x MDF 600x300x4 mm

- Led strip

-A little bit of lime paper

- Glue

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Step 1: Cutting Out the Panels

The attached plans were used together with a Trotec engraver to cut the panels from the MDF plates. This is done by drawing the shapes with a red (RGB= 255,0,0) line of 0.13 thickness. When you print this file to the engraver, it will interpret these lines as cut lines.

Step 2: Assembly

Once all shapes are cut, you can glue the 4 walls and the bottom piece together. The roof panels can just be assembled without gluing. The inserts themselves are not glued, so that you can replace them afterwards with other 'scenes'.

On the final insert, you can glue some lime paper to hide the led strip behind it, while still letting through the light.

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