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Introduction: Lightbulb Wall Lamp

About: Hi everyone! I'm David, coming from small city in (also) small country called Croatia. I'm attending 2nd class of secondary school. I am running a local DIY site which also sells components all over a Croat...

One day in my room lightbulb was gone dead. So, i thouth was I should do with it... I got an idea I could put LED in it... Then, I took old PC side, made of tin, I used it like a stand.

So, I am little bit lazy for writting, so let's go to 1st step.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


* Old PC box side I used tin from PC box side, it's not so hard to process it.

* Old bad lightbuld I used standard, big one, it's looks best to me.

* LED light and it's resistor I used high-intesivity blue LED and 270 ohm resistor.

* Old phone charger I got very old phone charger, output it's 4,5V so it's fits perfectly.

* Switch This switch is from lamp broken few years ago... It's dosen't looks so good, but it's useful.

Solder I thnik you know what is this...

* Electrical tape For switch wires

* Small piece of plastic I used this to stuck the LED on tin.


* Soldering iron

* Electrical tongs

* Drill and its borers
I reccomend 5 and 3 mm borers, more at step 3.

* Tin saw I used eletrical saw, with specal addon for tin/metal.

* Metal grinder

* Wall ring (optional)
For wall stand, you can just glue it, without ring, more at step 6.

Step 2: Do the Tin - Part 1.

Okay, took the tin from PC box.

As you can see, you have non-flat corners. Take a marker and write the lines to cut them. I've used eletrical saw, with special addon for metal/tin. Be carerful doing this, there is lot of small pieces flying around... After that, grind all corners with appropriate tool, because corners are sharp.
After done that, paint it.

Step 3: Do the Tin - Part 2.

Next step of doing tin/sheet metal. I think picture will help you in biggest extend...

So, we need drill and , for example 4mm and 8mm drill borrer.
Look pictures... They are not so clear, but hope will help...

The endess hole dosent have to be big like lightbulb, you will use hotglue.

Step 4: Do the Lightbulb

For this, you can use a other instructable step, or look on my pictures, step by step.

I removed also metal part, , you can leave it... And then, paint it inside with spray.

After doing that, hot-glue lighbulb(or that is left of it) to middle of hole...

Step 5: Do the LED+switch

First, you know that, I suppose, solder ressistor to negative(shorter) lead of LED. After, solder more two wires. Then, tak a plastic and drill a 5mm hole... Hot glue it to hole in tin, in middle.

Strip izolation on switch. Then connecet LED and charger though it.. That is it!

Step 6: Put It on the Wall?

IF you want to do that, you will need a metal ring, or just some more hotglue.

First, I was hot-glue it on tiles, but it has fallen few days after, so decided for metal ring solution.

You can hot-glue metal ring, or strengthen it with screw.. Anyway, will look good...

Step 7: And It's Over... Throw Around for Pictures...

And... It's done... Enjoy it!

Untill next instructable(probably Portable ring),

David :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    From what you started with that's pretty good.