Lighted Backpack




Introduction: Lighted Backpack

Hello there,

Im going to make a backpack with some lights in it.

When its dark you dont always have lights. You only have lights when your are on a bicycle or an other vehicle.

so when you walking nobody can see you. There for the Lighted backpack.

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Step 1: Clay Base

At first you make a base from clay. This clay needs to be used for the next step and can be distorded. So use clay which is hard after baking or drying. I used clay that needs to dry. Its from the brand 'das'.

The cove creations needs to be big enough otherwise it wont be seen in the next step.

Step 2: Vacuümmachine and Window

stuff you need:

- vacuümmachine

- plastic plate (for in vacuümmachine)

- some thin plastic to make a window

First you put your clay base in the vacuümmachine. Put it all down and lay down the plastic plate. Put the heater on and make sure the plastic plate is hot enough. Now you can turn the heater of and but your clay base up. Turn the vacuüm pomp on and you have your mall.

Do the exact same thing another time only first turn your clay base around. You are making the back piece. Now you have all pieces and you can cut out your 'backpack' . When that's done you make a hole ( window) in the "front pocket"

Now you can cut out some thin plastic and clue it with instant clue.

Step 3: LED

what do we need:

- flat battery (3v)

- red led (red because its going to be on your back and than we use red)

Put the led and the battery together on the front piece of your backpack. Make sure the led stays good on your battery otherwise it doesnt glows and after we put the back and front piece together from the backpack you can't easily put them back together

Step 4: Handles

to make a some kind of handle i used paracord, It is the same as you make a bracelet from paracord. Different disigns can you find on internet. The disign i used aint that difficult but there are disigns that are easier.. I added the design I used.

Step 5: Back and Front

Now you just need to clue your back and front piece together. This can give some trouble if the pieces are a bit round and because it is an backpack in stead of clueing it together I tried to op it again and put a zipper between the back and the front. I used 2 zippers because in my backpack there is an extra space to put stuff in. Something like an etui.

Step 6: Led

I changed the led, because just making it stick with tape was not the best plan. so i cut out the end of a plastic bottle and with hot clue i made the battery get stuck. You can still change the batterij if you only make a hole for it. The hot clue wasnt that hot anymore so you could make any form with it.

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