Solar Light Bird House

Introduction: Solar Light Bird House

Just a quick bird house I put together with some scrap wood and a $3.99 night light from walmart. Besides my rookie carpenter skills, it came out kinda nice... The light is really bright and can be noticed from far away...

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Step 1: Scrap Wood

I used a 6 foot by 6 inches by 1 inch not terated and pretty much cut every piece by eye did not measure, just followed steps form this site

Step 2: Night Light

To take the light apart, just unscrew the 3 phillips on the bottom, then use the wire cutter to remove the outer metal rim. You will be left with the plastic encasing to be cut off, use the razor blade to cut around the AA battery holder, remove plastic around it and carefully pry the solar cell off, There is a lot of hot glue holding it, so it's easy to break, bend the plastic that holds it and use the blade to remove it.

Step 3: Inside View and Infrared Camera

I used a spare 10 year old infrared Cam that i had laying around to record the little birds. The PCB and Battery holder were hot glued on the "ceiling", I used a clear pebble to refract the light.

Step 4: On/Off - Battery Last 11 Hours.

The battery lasted 11 hours with a full day out under the floridian sun. I also used hot glue to fix the cell on the roof.
Instead of the pebble my original plan was to use the LED to light an acrylic dowel for a classic bird house look, but after some research I found out that it would perfect scenario for "birds of prey and predators" to wait for the smaller bird to exit the house...
My next house will be a pre made wallmart model, they sell for $9 bucks or so, just need to find some spare time now.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    what is the aim of the light?

    won't this just disturb the birds and add to light pollution?