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Introduction: Lighted Wooden Pumpkin

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The steps are pretty easy and the tools needed are very easy to come by or many alternatives.

Cost of build is also very low if you have scrap laying around or even if you needed a small sheet of plywood would still be worth the time.

Step 1: Material + Tools

I used 3/4 inch Plywood I had left over from another project. 1/2 would work great as well

Tree Branch

Table saw

Jig saw


Brad nailer

Step 2: Cut List

First pass the board was trimmed to 18 inches tall

2 pieces will be cut at 8 inches wide (face and rear)

2 pieces will be cut at 6 inches wide (sides)

Top and bottom- 7 1/2 by 10 (this leaves an inch over hang all the way around)

Step 3: Drawing and Cutting

I drew a line on both sides an inch in this will clear the sides.

I started by free handing the first eye trying to get it to look as good as possible and the correct size.

After the first eye was done I took all the measurements and copied it to the second eye then roughly the same for the nose. (use a square and just draw to lines) This does not have to be exact play with it and make it your own.

Last the mouth i free handed a mouth then just went back and added the teeth. (each corner touched my 1 inch mark was the only guidance i can give here)

Once you have your design using a drill bit big enough for your saw blade to fit in you can start cutting.

Do not be worried to make a bunch of passes and relief cuts this will only help you move the saw around as needed.

Step 4: Building Your Box

I laid the face on the bench with the side behind it match the top and bottom.

I knew i was close to 90 but was not worried if its off some.

I then used a brad nailer and attached all four sides together.

I flipped the work on its head and added the bottom again just using a ruler i made sure all sides had a 1 inch for really close overhang and tacked it together.

DO NOT ATTACH THE TOP / HEAD (mine is just laying on top for reference here)

this will come after we attach the branch and paint the inside!

Step 5: Painting Adding Lights

Using just spray paint I coated the outside. I would roll paint if I was to do it again.

Picked up some Christmas lights for 1.98 at homedepot

I put two screws at the top crossed them over the wires to hold in place.

Drilled hole in the back with 1 1/4 forstner bit

Step 6: Add the Stem and Top

I went to my back yard found some limbs and such found something in a reasonable size took it to my band saw and cut it to fit.

I then took the top not attached and pre drilled a hole in the center. then attacked the stem with a screw I had.

attached the top with brad nails and she is finished.

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    2 years ago

    That's adorable, and you can reuse it for years! Awesome idea :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank You!


    2 years ago

    great project and reusable... thumbs up...


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you!